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Here you can browse project concepts and ideas and provide ESSENTIAL feedback (check often for new content). This feedback will be used to guide decisions at the staff, committee and decision maker levels, so please let us know what you think! (You can post anonymously if you'd like). 


  1. Both the Project Advisory and Citizen Advisory Committee meetings were well attended and provided some good input for the project; but we aren't done yet.

    We encourage everyone to consider the scope of the project and provide opinions, information and insights into our town's transportation network now and in the future.

    Thanks to the committee members and the members of the public who attended these open meetings, it was great to see the interest!


  2. On Map 13~Future Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities~ I would like to explore the option to include a dedicated lane on Oak St. with either a constant sidewalk or lane from Hwy 99 to Oakland Church of Christ for ped/bike traffic. I would also like to see a cross walk put in at the intersection of 5th St. and Cedar St.

    Map 8~just to clarify Oakland Elementary and Oakland High school are switched on the map.

    Katie Baxter
    Safe Routes to School Coordinator
    Oakland School District

  3. It would really be great to see a bike path and hiking path along the creek on the land given to the city all the way up to Steans Park.

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  5. Agreed! We DO Need Hiking/Biking Paths.. from Sutherlin all the way to Green Valley Rd, etc.

  6. I have some concerns with the Ash Creek Pathway. Will there be a drainage study? Those of us who live next to the creek know what winter is like. Water collects in the low areas, if drainage is impeded these houses and properties will flood. The Street crossings especially at 6th street. The grade of the street does not allow for a safe sight of the crossing. Vehicles will not have enough time to stop when coming down the hill. During high traffic times, which is when school is in session and I expect a high traffic time for the crossing, vehicles coming and going on 6th do not follow the speed law and there is no enforcement at this time. This problem doubles when school activities go into the night time hours, such as after games. Will there be lighting of the pathway for safety? Will there be law enforcement patrols day and night to protect our homes from interlopers wanting to take anything that is not nailed down? There has been may times over the years that kids have played around the creek, trying to start fires and trying to dam the creek. Will the pathway encourage these activities? Our city workers are working to the maximum now. Will we the citizens have to pass a larger budget to maintain and repair this pathway? It is costing citizens nothing as it is. Is the projected use of the pathway worth the time and extra funds it will cost to build, maintain, police, and repair? Was there a feasibility study of this project or is this idea being fronted by people don't care about costs to the constituents? We have many problems with in the city especially with our drinking water system. A large number of our distribution pipes are old and outdated, why aren't we paying attention to these problems instead of creating more?