Multi-Use Path Files

A number of project "deliverables" will be developed over the course of the project and will ultimately inform the final Multi-Use Path Strategy document. These deliverable doucments will be added to this site as they are completed:

Multi-Use Path Strategy: Volume I

Multi-Use Path Strategy: Volume II

Informational Brochure introducing the Multi-Use Path Strategy project

Technical Memorandum 1: A presentation of the projects Goals and Objectives as well as the Evaluation Criteria that path concepts and alternatives will be weighed against. It outlines the projects schedule.

Presentation from the November 8th Kick-Off meeting for the project (attended by local decision makers and the Project Advisory Committee).

Technical Memorandum 2 contains Baseline Information

Technical Memorandum 3 Outlines Multi-Use Path Alternatives (or rather "options")

Technical Memorandum 4 Outlines Path Recommendations based on public, staff and decision maker feedback, as well as additional research and analysis.
Engineering Memorandum 2

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