Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More State Funds for Moving Oakland Forward!

City of Oakland leadership and staff, in conjunction with the Lane Council of Governments (LCOG), are thrilled to announce the City's success in pursuing two recent grant proposals to further the work initiated by the community's Local Street Network Plan process: 
  1. TGM Code Assistance Grant  (Over $25,000 in two phases): The objective of Code Assistance is to investigate and implement code changes that support TGM objectives and smart development practices in follow up to the Local Street Network Plan.
  2. Oakland Multi-Use Path Implementation Strategy (Approximately $50,000): This project carries forward a high priority project identified in the Local Street Network Plan.  The proposed multi-use path (Path) will provide a convenient, non-automobile transportation alternative for local trips within the community. The Multi-Use Path Implementation Strategy (MPS) will identify access points, preferred alignments, key road crossing options, Path standards, design elements, regulatory requirements, preliminary cost estimates, and potential sources of funding while ensuring compliance with local standards.
More detail about each project (including how they relate to one another) is available under the Oakland Projects Overview tab.

Opportunities for feedback and review will be available through ongoing updates on this website, as well as public meetings and open houses as the projects progress. 

Please contact project staff for more information:
LCOG Manager: Jacob Callister, jcallister@lcog.org, 541-682-4114
City of Oakland: Terri Long, oaklandrecorder@qwestoffice.net, 541-459-4531

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