Monday, March 21, 2016

City Council to Review Action Plan for Code Amendments in April

The Oakland City Council will be reviewing a Draft Final Action Plan for the next phase (Phase 2) of the City's current Code Amendment process. The proposed changes contained within the Final Action Plan are not set in stone until adopted by the City Council. Adoption of code amendments will not happen until late summer or early fall, 2016. The Final Action Plan serves as an outline for the code amendments that will be considered by the City Council.  The amendments contained within the Final Action Plan have been presented (and made available) to Staff, Planning Commissioners, the City Council and the public. The City Council will be reviewing the final draft of the Action Plan and deciding whether to endorse it with a resolution of support.
A copy of the Final Action Plan and the associated materials that the City Council will review can be viewed or downloaded here.  Document Exhibits are available here.

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